Sneak peek: Jill Dodd | Sunday on 60 Minutes

This raw and inspiring memoir is the true story of one woman's search for independence. In the 80’s, Jill Dodd decided her ticket to freedom was to make it as a top model. Equipped with ambition and curiosity, she embarks on an epic journey into the Parisian fashion industry's world of decadence and danger. Working tirelessly to grace the pages of Paris' top magazines, Jill dodges seemingly endless sexual assaults at her agency's bookings and parties. Her life takes a dramatic turn when her adventures take her to Monte Carlo where she meets an eccentric man. Unaware the encounter is yet another set up by her agency, she falls madly in love with Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi billionaire. She works hard to pursue her career, while her life becomes entwined in his safe cocoon. When the facade of the jet-setting lifestyle begins to crack, Jill realizes she is not safe. Fame, money, and romance can't satisfy the desires of her heart. Her need for inner peace, independence, and freedom is more powerful than anything a man could ever offer.

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