"Jill Dodd was a 21 year old model when she got swept up into a life so extravagant, it would have made James Bond jealous."—Maxim

"Dodd writes earnestly and refreshingly about learning many of life's more difficult lessons the hard way...A breezy, impressively detailed glimpse into a beautiful young woman's self-discovery via the world of international fashion."Kirkus Review

"Jill Dodd’s first memoir, “The Currency of Love,” seems all but destined for on-screen adaptation."—WWD

"One of our favorite books of the yearyou won't be able to put it down! Jill Dodd got out of an abusive home and made it as a model in 1980's Paris. From there her path would take her to Monte Carlo to the harem of a Saudi billionaire and then back to her hometown to find herself. The Currency of Love is a raw and inspiring story about one woman's search for independence."—Popsugar

"This page-turning memoir of decadence and faith will resonate with seekers everywhere."—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"Woman opens up about journey from model to 'pleasure wife' to successful fashion designer. Jill Dodd was 21 when she began a relationship with international arms dealer who had 14 wives. She reveals the unbelievable twists and turns her life has taken in a new memoir."New York Times Women in the World

"For some, freedom is financial security. Dodd believed it should mean more. Her drive led her to found ROXY, a multimillion-dollar fashion brand. She now reflects on the quality of her independence and each turn that brought her to its realization in a remarkable story well worth reading."—Booklist

“Jill Dodd's story is lively, provocative, informative, and impish. I read it with the greatest relish, and recommend The Currency of Love to all who love an entertaining book. Despite the sadness of Jill's early life, she overcame all obstacles, developing into a young woman who lived life to the fullest. I honestly could not put it down!"—Jean Sasson, New York Times Bestselling Author

"I started reading The Currency of Love one evening and was completely hooked. This is the story of how a young, beautiful model fell in love with a charismatic Saudi billionaire. Ultimately, Jill goes on to create the ROXY brand but its what happens between her past and present which is nearly unbelievable and worth your time to read."Hello Dollface


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